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The school into a teacher's spiritual home

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Dongtai Innovation School is a private school in northern Jiangsu. The school was founded in 2000, more than 2,900 students, more than 300 faculty members.
  Dongtai Innovation School is a private school in northern Jiangsu. The school was founded in 2000, more than 2,900 students, more than 300 faculty members. On May 23, 2012, Wang Zushu, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and president of the China Private Education Association, inspected the school. He was pleased with the inscription and praised Dongtai Innovation School for ”the successful example of rural education and the well-being of children left behind.“ In recent years, Dongtai Innovation School has taken the building of a contingent of teachers as the ”strong foundation and solid foundation“ of the school. It upholds the concept of running a business with innovative spirit and educating people with a responsible culture. With the careful construction of a responsible culture of schools, Teacher culture, guiding teachers' thinking with correct values, standardizing teachers' behavior with reasonable system, building a platform to promote teachers' professional development, creating conditions for teachers to live happily and building a ”noble, dedication, full of vitality“ Teacher team.
  Lead the value orientation and enhance teachers' professional responsibility
  Teaching and educating people, is the teacher's responsibility. Teachers are the imparting of knowledge, but also the guide of students. Only teachers with a high sense of responsibility can cultivate the talents of the ”world of good fortune“ (innovative school motto), so that schools can really run the education that the people are satisfied with. In innovative schools, the first lesson for new teachers in pre-service training is ”Education is a heavy responsibility.“
  Teachers need to be filled with ”positive energy“ environment. Innovative schools advocate a culture of responsibility and require teachers and students to ”cherish their responsibilities into the classroom and take responsibility out of school“ so as to promote the teaching style of ”rigorous, realistic, cooperative and efficient“。 Each year, schools hold ”moral model into the campus“ activities, the year before last, specifically invited the city's moral retired teacher Jiang Xin elderly people walked into the campus for deeds report, close contact with teachers and students. After listening to Chiang Xin's 30-plus years of frugal living and funding, he has touched the touching stories of 71 impoverished students both inside and outside the province. Teachers are all touched by it. Wu Youyu, a teacher, said with emotion: ”A retired teacher can do his best to help students. Our serving teachers should care more about each student so that they will not be ashamed of their teachers.“
  Under such a culture of ”moisten things silently“, teachers have long regarded not only teaching as their duty, but also educating people as their own mission, caring for students' thinking, learning and living, and caring for students like their children . Kan Chengyong, who studied in France, had studied at an innovative school and has so far kept in touch with his alma mater, Jiang Chunxing. When he was in junior high school, Jiang Chunxing was appointed teacher in charge of the class when he learned that his family was in a special situation and was not in a good financial position. He often encouraged him in his thoughts and showed concern for him in his life. Kan Chengyong live up to expectations, got the salt. ”Encountering such a responsible teacher like you is a student's blessing.“ Khan Chengyong's aunt specially came to the school to thank Teacher Jiang and sent her daughter to an innovative school.
  After more than ten years of working in an innovative school, Jiang Chunxing said that innovation provided a good platform for teachers to cultivate ”peaches and plums.“ He was most proud to see batch after batch of students moving from innovation to a broader world. ”Peaches and plums All over the world “is their greatest pleasure.
  Promote professional growth, inspire teachers sense of accomplishment
  The building of an excellent teacher team is the foundation and key to the development of the school. Without the development of teachers, school development has become a passive water, without the wood. Continuing to promote the professional growth of teachers, so that teachers gain a sense of accomplishment at work is an important ”weapon“ for innovative schools to promote the common development of students, teachers and schools.
  On the basis of merit-based employment, innovative schools attach great importance to on-the-job training of teachers, exchanges between old and new teachers, invite experts to give lectures, organize teachers to go out and study, and promote teachers' continuous growth and self-improvement. In late August of each year, the school focuses on one-week pre-service training for all teachers and lectures, seminars, examinations and other forms to teach teachers professional ethics, education laws and regulations, and professional development paths for teachers. In class teaching, the lesson preparation team prepares lessons once a week, and the teaching and research team once a week organizes the teaching and researching system in which collective lesson preparation, coaching, class review, coaching and class review are conducted to allow teachers to collide with wisdom Sparks, learn from each other and promote each other. At the same time, guide teachers to set professional development goals, strive for ”progress every day, every year to improve.“
  In order to provide better training platform for teachers, innovative schools actively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries. To brother school to participate in teaching and research activities, to visit elite schools, participate in research projects, participate in ”Education Forum“, ”teaching salon.“ In 2009, the school worked hard to become a member of the Supai Elite League. On such a platform, school teachers can often participate in some major provincial education and teaching activities, to participate in provincial teaching competitions, essay competitions. In May 2012, the Rural Education Research Center of China's Institute for Private Education was set up in Innovative School, one of six research centers under the Chinese Institute of Private Education, which increased the participation of teachers in private education research activities across the country and with higher education research Personnel exchange opportunities.
  In view of the actual situation of our school, the school has set up a system of appointment and dismissal of teaching professionals within the school. Those who work in our school for more than two years and who have outstanding teaching achievements can apply for teaching skills in the school. After being appraised as a teaching expert, the school grants a monthly allowance. Teaching experts appraisal job or not to engage in ”life-long system“, a review of each school year.
  School management meritocracy, is only cite, the high level of business, teaching good performance to the promotion of teachers, or hired as teaching and research team leader, lesson leader, instructor, let them play an exemplary role, the leading role in the key role in the Teachers formed a ”can respect for those who can be proud of“ the value of recognition.
  Pour humane care and improve teachers' life happiness
  Love is the soul of education, there is no education without love. Innovative schools also use ”love“ to care for every teacher. School-based teacher-based, treatment stay, feelings stay, career stay, culture stay, so that teachers feel like family-like warmth here.
  In order to arouse the enthusiasm of teachers, Innovative School established a system of evaluation and reward system, designed more than 10 reward items such as ”Excellent Teacher Award“, ”Advanced Teacher Award“, ”Blue Project Award“ and ”Teaching Competition Award“。 Each semester to carry out student evaluation activities, selected ”my favorite teacher“, selected advanced faculty, moral model. The school also set up a teaching and research salon, chess association, ball association, song and dance association more than 10 ”hobby association“ to enrich teachers' school life and improve teacher happiness index.
  The school voted for ”Five Guarantees“ for all staff and workers and distributed welfare on festivals and holidays to organize sympathy for sick employees and families in need. The school organizes advanced teaching staffs' spring tours and autumn tours each year. This year, the school also funded more than 30 teachers who have spent more than 10 years in innovation in participating in the ”5 Day Tour“ in South Korea. ”School talent is the only move, very concerned about our teachers, I am very fortunate that he is a teacher of innovative schools.“ Sun Xiaohua was originally a non-normal students, she learned that innovative employers mainly after looking at personal ability, Courage to apply for, by virtue of strength successfully become a school teacher. In front of the podium of Innovation School, she stood for 15 years. With her excellent business ability, she gradually grew up to be a middle-level cadre and received many honors such as excellent class teacher and advanced worker in the city. She said that innovation has given her a platform for growth, allowing her to enjoy this career to achieve the value of life.
  It is precisely the innovative school of meticulous care of teachers, so that teachers are more willing to stick here, willing to sacrifice. This year, Hu Ming-shan, 62, has reached the retirement age. He also insisted on teaching in the front line and served as the leader of the Senior Middle School Chinese Language Teaching and Research Group, actively helping young teachers to grow up. The year before last year, he returned home for sickness for six months due to illness after illness. After he recovered, he immediately returned to the podium of Creative School and took his wife to school to take care of his daily life. He said: ”Innovative school leaders care about people and take care of us as their own families. I am very fulfilling and comfortable here. As long as the body allows, I will insist on working here, reaping the joy of success and contributing to the development of the school.“ ”
  About the Author
  Liu Baohua, engaged in education for 42 years, of which 10 years as the school principals, education and management of off-job training for 2 years, served as city (county) Education Supervision Director for 12 years, the incumbent Dongtai innovation school vice president, governor. Over the years, with great concentration on school management and school culture construction research, at the provincial level published more than 20 articles in education management.
  Dongtai Innovation School Introduction
  Founded in 1999, Dongtai Innovation School is the first general education private school in Dongtai City. It has now become an education group integrating senior secondary schools, primary schools and primary schools. Innovative high school in 2011 was named “Jiangsu Province, three-star high school.” The school has nearly 3,000 students, teaching staff more than 300 people. The school has two campuses north and south, covering nearly 200 acres.
  【school gate】
  The school has a fully functional teaching building, laboratory building, library, student apartments, restaurants, bathrooms and other building facilities, all kinds of modern education and teaching equipment everything. The school has a noble ethics, excellent business, young teachers to the backbone of the main teacher team.
  【Aerial view of school
  Over the past 15 years since its establishment, Dongtai Innovation School upholds the philosophy of running schools with innovative spirit and educating students with a responsible culture, and its motto of “ People first, the pursuit of excellence ”spirit, creating a“ love, enthusiasm, success and innovation, ”the school spirit, the establishment of“ quality and development to create a brand with characteristics to win the reputation of service ”management philosophy, the implementation of“ rule of law in accordance with the law, the quality School set up, scientific research Xing school, cultural Ru school, featuring elite schools ”school strategy, the school from small to large, from weak to strong, increasingly heavy connotation, increasing social reputation. The school has won the “top 100 private schools nationwide, outstanding private schools nationwide, Jiangsu famous schools, advanced collectives of private education in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, green schools, garden-style units in Jiangsu Province, civilized units in Yancheng City, Dongtai city model civilized units, Dongtai Education Work advanced collectives, outstanding social institutions in Dongtai City, ”more than 40 categories of more than 100 honorary titles.
  【Xinren House】
  Schools adhere to the “fit is the best; do not choose suitable for education students, only the pursuit of education for students,” the concept of education and teaching, concerned about staying with children, and strive to make every student can enjoy their own hope of education, have their own expectations development of. The school implements the fine management, promotes the effective teaching, has created the teaching achievement of “low level high”。 In recent years, college entrance examination, senior high school entrance examination results in schools of similar origin has been among the best.
  [US Park]
  The school regards the construction of teachers as the “foundation project” for the development of the school. It has always attached great importance to the professional growth and quality improvement of teachers. Schools through a variety of ways, a variety of ways to implement full-year training of teachers. At present, a large number of academic leaders from all over the country, teaching experts, outstanding teachers and education management experts to join the school. The school is a “famous club in Jiangsu” member units, teachers to observe teacher lectures, to participate in high-level teaching and research, published research papers, provides a broad platform. National research institutes - China Private Education Research Institute “Rural Education Research Center” is located in the school, every year more than education and scientific research experts and teaching front-line teacher to school lectures, teachers can communicate directly with the “master”, zero distance communicate with. The school has a better system of teacher training, young teachers grow faster, middle-aged teachers to enhance ease, the industry as the “fertile soil for teacher growth.”
  At present, Dongtai Innovation School is actively establishing a four-star general high school, high-quality junior high school and special primary school in Jiangsu Province and strives to make the school a century-old school and a national elite.
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