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Promote Comprehensive Governance of the Party Strictly and Deeply, Provide Strong Guarantee for Educational Reform and Developme


Promote Comprehensive Governance of the Party Strictly and Deeply, Provide Strong Guarantee for Educational Reform and Developme

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The Eleventh Party Congress in Hubei Province fully opened up a new journey of “building a fulcrum in the forefront” of Hubei Province. The report of the Party Congress pointed out:
  The Eleventh Party Congress in Hubei Province fully opened up a new journey of “building a fulcrum in the forefront” of Hubei Province. The report of the Party Congress pointed out: “To build a well-off society in an all-round way and to build a fulcrum and to be at the forefront,” the key lies in the party and the key lies in the party in charge of running the party and the party in strict compliance with the party. “The 11th Party Congress of the province concurrently insisted on education reform Development has made a new deployment. To implement the spirit of the party congress, we must earnestly give full play to the political functions, service functions and security functions of the party building, focus on the new education goals of the new phase, new demands of the masses and new impetus for the development so as to provide a strong guarantee for education reform and development.
  First, to strengthen political functions, focus on the new stage of education, new goals, with the party building education reform and development of navigation and orientation
  The report of the Party Congress pointed out: ”highlighting the political functions of grass-roots party organizations.“ At the same time, the report of the congress of the people's congresses devotes more time to education reform and development, clarifying the new goal of higher quality, fairer, more efficient and more sustainable education, with special emphasis on fully implementing the party's education policy and implementing ruling Tree people basic mission. We should further strengthen the political functions of party building, focus on new goals and new tasks, and guide the development of education through the building of the party.
  1. Improve political positions, clear-cut politics. ① firmly maintain the core. Firmly establish the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping and firmly safeguard the authority of the party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core and the centralized and unified leadership as the greatest political and most important political issue. We should firmly establish the political awareness, the overall situation, the core awareness and the awareness of general awareness. Discipline and political rules, the ideological standard on the table, followed by the action, firm and firm implementation. ② strengthen the theoretical arm. In-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches and new ideas and ideas of governing the country new ideas and new strategies, promote teaching materials, into the classroom, into the head. Further study and comprehension of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the seminars on leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial level, conduct systematic training, intensify publicity efforts, deepen theoretical research, greet the publicity and implementation of the party's ten with a new state of mind and struggle Nine big. In-depth study and study of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Education thinking, armed majority of teachers and students to promote educational practice. ③ strengthen the ideal and faith education. Strengthen the education of Marxist theory, strengthen the construction of key disciplines of philosophy and social sciences, and strengthen the construction of colleges and universities of Marxism. Persevere in cultivating and promoting the core values ??of socialism, and guide the majority of teachers and students to be the steadfast believers, active communicators and model practitioners of the socialist core values.
  2. To strengthen the political lead, confidently protect the direction. To Strengthen Party Building, Give Full Play to Political Leading Function. ① ensure the socialism with Chinese characteristics school direction. The most important task of the party building work is to shoulder the major political responsibility of direction and orientation, firmly grasp the lifeline of running a school, and truly accomplish the major task of training socialist builders and successors. The most fundamental task of the party building work is to stick to the people of Lide Tree and carry out the ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education in primary and middle schools so as to realize the goal of educating people and educating people in all aspects. ② ensure that the party's leadership in education is fully strengthened. Strengthen the party's leadership over education, strengthen the party's main responsibilities in party administration by the party, and school management, and strengthen party organizations at all levels to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in ensuring that the party's position The line and education policies and policies are fully implemented in the province's education front. ③ to ensure that the ideological field security up. Adhere to the combination of emergency and seek long-term, emergency management in the safety management to carry out large inspections, in the long-term principle to carry out ”five five“ research. Strengthen ideological safety supervision and public opinion judgment, daily publicize hot public opinions, select public opinions every week, review public opinions on key issues every month, organize in-depth investigation on the ideological and political conditions of teachers and students each year, prevent and effectively deal with tendentiousness and misgivings . Strengthen front construction and long-term management, and firmly grasp the power of leadership in the field of ideology.
  3. Enhance political ability, gather a strong positive energy. (1) Responsible for duty, strengthen the party governing the party, safe and stable, education reform and development ”one post three responsibility.“ Strengthen all-round strict control of the party, and integrate into all aspects of personnel training, scientific research, cultural heritage and innovation, social services and international exchanges and cooperation throughout all aspects of teaching, scientific research and management, Dare to dare to dare, often strict. We must reinforce the responsibility of maintaining security and stability, ensure a steady development of the education front, stabilize the reform and keep the thinking of the contingent well, and contribute to the stability of Hubei's overall situation. Strengthen the responsibility of promoting the reform and development of education. With higher standards, more distant goals, stricter requirements, stronger competition, faster competition and higher education, the ”Development Index “, To” hard index “to enhance the people's” happiness index. “ To implement ”one post and three responsibilities“ must earnestly achieve the ”three musts“: Every meeting will speak, meet must ask, go must check. ② in the way of thinking, insist on the situation, outside the situation, inside information ”three conditions combine.“ Adhering to the principle of ”combining the three conditions with one another“, the objective is to find a scientific and effective path. This is a question of ideological methods and working methods. To thoroughly understand the ”situation“, an accurate understanding of the requirements of the central government and the provincial party committee and government, do not look down upon the righteousness, to be more general; learn from ”external circumstances“, to grasp the situation and good experience of foreign provinces and siblings, a good practice, a clear education reform and development Catch up with the path; grasp the ”inside story“, we should combine the reality of education reform and development in our province, seek truth from facts, according to local conditions. ③ In the work style, we must strengthen the ”three to do.“ Adhere to ”do it right now“, ”do it online“ and ”do it once“ to improve overall efficiency, facilitate the work of the masses and uphold education for the people. In short, we must ensure that the working train of thought, work layout and working mechanism are in line with the requirements of the central and provincial governments, earnestly mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, stimulate the internal forces of party organizations and party members at all levels and form a strong positive energy.
  Second, strengthen service functions, focus on the new needs of the masses in the new stage, take the party building as the education reform and development, improve the quality and efficiency
  The report of the Party Congress pointed out: ”highlighting the service functions of grass-roots party organizations.“ At the same time, the party congress further emphasized the need to educate the people about satisfaction from the perspective of safeguarding and improving people's livelihood. At present, although education has made great strides, the major contradiction in education remains the contradiction between the growing demand for education by the masses and the shortage of high-quality education resources. In carrying out the spirit of the party congress, we must strengthen the service functions of the party building and focus on the new educational needs of the people in the new phase so as to improve the quality and efficiency of education reform and development by building the party.
  1. Focus on consolidating grass-roots level, so that the party's organization as a new act. ① Further strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations. In accordance with the requirements of building a learning-oriented innovative service-oriented party organization, we will promote comprehensive and comprehensive qualifications. Adhere to the overall situation of service and enhance the combat effectiveness of the branches; adhere to strict control of love, enhance the cohesion of the branches; adhere to advancing with the times and enhance the creativity of the branches. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the building of the ranks of party branch secretaries and strengthen the concept of ”being a branch divisional officer when the branch secretary is not good“ so as to continuously raise the level of party building in organs and agencies. ② to further strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations in colleges and universities. Optimize the party's grassroots organizational system in colleges and universities, strengthen the training of party members and cadres in colleges and universities, promote the creation of party-building brands and institutional innovation, earnestly strengthen and improve party building in privately-run colleges and universities, build the party organizations in teaching teams, build research teams and build students Organizations, built on the Internet, enable grass-roots party organizations to carry new functions and accomplish new missions. ③ to further strengthen the party building work in primary and secondary schools. Promote the primary and secondary school party organizations and the executive leadership team to enter in two ways and work crosswise to integrate party building into the entire process of school education and teaching. In all aspects, the ”double training“ mechanism for education and management of party members and party members should be well developed to strengthen the party building in primary and middle schools , Set up, let the school party organization show new act.
  2. Focus on building strong teams, so that party members and cadres have a new image. ① hall agencies to establish ”five days“ normalized learning and education system. Every Friday afternoon organs directly under the authority of the political theory study day, the theme of the party, last week's work summary, next week's work arrangements deployment day, sanitation day, strong internal quality, plastic image. Deepen the provincial Department of Education ”scholarly organs? Reading life“ reading activities of the topic, continue to promote the political theory ”learning thinking“ and business ability ”competition catch up“ and strive to enhance the political awareness of the majority of party members and cadres and service capabilities. ② establish and improve primary and secondary learning and education system. Timely learn and convey the decision-making arrangements of the Central Government, the provincial party committee and the provincial government on complete and strict administration of the party, safety and stability, and education reform and development so as to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the work. We should step up education on political discipline and political rules, strengthen publicity and education on the work style of a clean and honest government, build a line of defense for ideological and ethical standards and the line of defense for party discipline and state law. ③ give prominence to building ethics. The ethics performance as the teacher registration of qualifications, annual assessment, job evaluation, job recruitment, evaluation of the first prize of the award, the ethics of the wrong conduct ”zero tolerance.“ Through positive and negative restraints, we encourage our staff to strive for a good teacher of ”four“ and a ”four-way guide“, and establish a good image of being a teacher and taking a decent attitude.
  3 focus on career development, so that the broad masses of newly acquired. Adhere to the principle of serving the party and serving the people with unity of purpose, keep a firm grasp of progress, focus on improving quality, focus on structural reforms, and strive to meet the diverse and quality education needs of the people. ① Focus on ”public benefit · Pratt & Whitney“ to promote the pre-school education to accelerate development. Increase the total amount of public parks, improve the proportion of Pratt & Whitney Park, the establishment of public service system for early childhood education. ② Focus on ”balance and quality“ to promote the development of compulsory education. We will implement the comprehensive plan for the reduction of the headcount and the ”Action Plan for Efforts to Eliminate Large Duties in Compulsory Education“ so as to speed up the quality balance. ③ Focus on ”coordination and diversity“ to promote diversified development of high school education. We will further push forward the plan to popularize education in high school and vigorously carry out pilot reforms in teaching such as teaching in different levels and going to classes on an optional basis so as to prepare for the new college entrance examination. ④ focus on ”integration and integration“ to promote innovation and development of vocational education. Strengthen the integration of school-based education, promote ”order-type“ training, engineering alternately training; promote the ”3 +2“ and ”five consistent system“ reform, open up talent growth ”overpass.“ ⑤ Focus on ”special features and first-class“ to promote the connotation development of higher education. We will promote the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines, promote the transformation of local colleges and universities, and enhance the overall strength, regional competitiveness and international influence of Hubei's higher education. At the same time, we must earnestly strengthen reforms and reforms in special education, ethnic education and lifelong education so as to promote the coordinated development of all kinds of education at all levels and solve the hot and difficult educational issues that the masses are most concerned about, and make continuous strides in making new progress in learning from what they have learned. So as to effectively enhance the people's sense of gain in education.
  Third, to strengthen the security function, focusing on the new stage of development of new impetus to the party building for the education reform and development of strong tendons Zhuanggu
  The report of the Party Congress pointed out that to achieve the goal, we must conscientiously implement the party's responsibility to govern the party, comprehensively strengthen the party's leadership and party building, and constantly improve the governing capability and leadership level. Party building do a good job, education reform and development have a strong ideological guarantee, political security and organizational security, education will be ”physical fitness.“ In carrying out the spirit of the party congress, we must strengthen the guarantee function of the party building, add impetus to the reform and innovation and strengthen the building of the party with education and reform.
  1. Grasp the improvement of management ability. ① strengthen the rate above, grasping organs, with the system, the pro-war front. It is necessary to seize the party organs under the leadership of the government, grasp the party building by strengthening the system, and grasp the party building in the field. Party organizations at all levels of the government organs should set an example of practicing the ”four senses“, reinforce the exemplary work style of building their work style, pay close attention to the example of solid work, demonstrate the standard of solidarity, and strictly observe the rules of discipline. Party organizations at all levels of the system should improve their service capabilities, improve their service attitude and work together to promote education reform and development. The front line should work together to forge ahead in unity and jointly shape the overall image of Hubei education. (2) To strengthen co-ordination and coordination, do a good job of coordination of organs and departments, coordinate large coordination of departments and departments, and coordinate large-scale fronts. Grasp the big coordination agencies, so that the whole hall, ”a game of chess,“ a ”heart“, the real ”five fingers“ as a ”fist.“ Catch big coordination department, take the initiative to win the support of departments to form a joint work force. Grab large coordination of the front and enhance the capacity of serving the economy and society. ③ strengthen supervision and inspection, full time, all-round, the whole process of implementing the responsibility of the party. The task of the party building project, project responsibility, time limit responsibility, so that there are plans at the beginning of the year, there are to promote the end of the inspection.
  2. Grasp the style of discipline building. ① Chi and endless rectification of the four winds. We should carry out special rectification projects such as ”taking no action and not doing anything“, grasping the rectification of ”the four winds“ in the depths, conducting realities and discoveries together, investigating and punishing together, holding back one inch, keeping a good political situation, Style driven by good teaching style, school spirit. ② serious inner-party political life. Strengthen the political era of the party's political life in principle, the fighting in a substantive manner, and strictly implement the ”three classes and one lesson“, organizing life, democratic life, democratic appraisal of party members and other systems. We will steadfastly promote the normalization and institutionalization of ”two studies and one education“ learning and education, practice learning awareness, ”four qualifications“, rectification and reform, leaders take the lead, and build strong branches to deepen the expansion. ③ strengthen inner-party supervision. Do a good job implementing the ”CPC Internal Supervision Ordinance,“ making it a standardized and standardized hard-liners at all levels of party organizations and party members and cadres behavior.
  3. Grasp the building of a clean government. In accordance with the requirements of the Central and Provincial Party Committee, efforts will not diminish, the same pace, the scale is not loose. ① Adhere to discipline in the front. Make good use of the weapon of accountability and enhance the rigid discipline of discipline. (2) To promote a comprehensive and strict control of the party in the field of education to the primary extension, to the depth of development. ③ strengthen the supervision and control of the power operation. Efforts should be made to form a long-term mechanism of using the power of system and management and of running schools to make efforts to build a pure highland and a well-rounded talent highland of Lideshu people.
  Strengthening the Party's leadership over education is an essential feature of the socialist education with Chinese characteristics and an important guarantee for the implementation of the mission of the Lideshu people. We must thoroughly implement the spirit of the 11th Party Congress in our province, follow the requirements of strict and strict administration of the party, solemnize the inner-party political life, strictly discipline the party, strictly supervise the party and strictly enforce the party's style of work, and push forward the educational frontline party All-round progress in building an all-round, perfect education reform and development to provide a strong guarantee.
  (Author Department of Hubei Provincial Department of Education party secretary, director Tao Hong)
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