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Make up classes make up habit! Parents recognize this is very important!

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We can find such a phenomenon: the first time the parents know that the child's grades are not good, the parents first reflect the “make up classes!”; The second time the parents know that the grades
  We can find such a phenomenon: the first time the parents know that the child's grades are not good, the parents first reflect the “make up classes!”; The second time the parents know that the grades are not good and begin to worry; The third parents will express their doubts: It! Why can not you see improvement? This phenomenon of “poor school, school fill up” can be described as commonplace. Bear teacher believes that make-up is a last resort, but the hope pinned on the lesson is obviously not the best choice. The difference between children's academic performance in the final analysis is the gap between their learning habits. Make up classes, it is better to make up habit. What kind of habit
  First, make up the habit of reading Soviet educator Su Homlinski in the “teacher's advice” has said: “Reading is an important means of intellectual education for 'learning difficulties' students more difficult to learn, The more difficulties he encounters in his mental work, the more he needs to read more, just as a less sensitive photographic film takes longer to be exposed, and a less well-to-do student's brain needs a clearer light of scientific knowledge , More long-term shining.Do not rely on make-up classes, do not rely on indefinite 'pull one', but by reading, reading, and then reading - it is this 'learning difficulties' from the mental work of students A decisive role.Reading can not only make some students fail the exam, but also develop the students' intelligence.The more ”learning difficulties“ students study, the clearer their thinking and the more active their wisdom power ”I was very much in agreement with these views of Sukhomlinski at that time but always felt that the change brought about by reading was a slow thing and that the examination was before us Still feel better than make up classes directly, the effect is more pronounced.
  Second, to make up for class habits Students in the classroom to concentrate, concentrate on listening to the teacher lectures, listen carefully to students, grasp the key, difficult, doubtful point, listen carefully while thinking positively. Even if you have learned in advance, but also still have to listen carefully, we should compare the teacher's thinking, other students' thinking and their own ideas to find out the best way to solve the problem. Listen attentively and carefully while observing and thinking about the “portal” of learning and the “skylight” of intelligence. When the teacher talks about each step, the student can even think about the next step and the learning effect will be better. If students do not feel like this teacher's class, how to think? I want to say that students should work hard to adapt to their teachers and learn to appreciate their teachers. Otherwise, students can only get worse. Different levels of teachers, students use different ways, eyes inward, self-improvement to adapt to the common progress with the teacher. Adapted from the teacher now, grew up to adapt to society. Can not complain about the environment a bit unhappy.
  Third, make up homework habits first and foremost attitude. Homework is not a burden, but an important part of teaching activities and a natural continuation. It is a process of learning and accumulation. The purpose of homework is to consolidate what we have learned, to cultivate independent thinking skills, not to make poor teachers or Is to deal with parents. Therefore, we must attach importance to doing homework. The practice of “dragging, copying, and substituting” must not be done. When doing exercises should seriously consider, summarize the concept, the use of principles, problem-solving ideas, and try to remember some useful intermediate conclusions. Second, careful examination. Scrutiny ability is a comprehensive performance of students a variety of abilities. Require students to carefully read the material content, learn to catch words, grasp the key words, correctly understand the content of the prompts, formulas, rules, laws, illustrations and other key elements, but also to carefully consider, pondering over and accurate grasp of each point of knowledge Connotation and extension. At the same time, we must also cultivate their ability to find their own mistakes and correct them in time from homework and examinations. Once again practice is the habit of reflection. Reading and learning process, especially in the review preparation process, each student conducted intensive exercises, but finished the subject is not accomplished, the important thing is to extend, deepen the knowledge, therefore, is the problem of reflection Important part. Such as: Why do you think of this method? Is there any other way? Which method is better? Can work around and become another exercise? If something goes wrong, you should reflect on it: What is the root cause of the misunderstanding? Answers to similar questions should pay attention to what matters? How to overcome common mistakes? “Eat a cut, grow wise” and constantly improve themselves. Finally, the habit of collecting the wrong title. Usually have any questions or mistakes in the place to take a piece of paper to keep in mind, often look, read, remember to throw away. Use a special book to write down the value, and find some acceptable types of questions, the same level of knowledge about the similarities and differences between them, the skills and solutions to problems. Exam review the wrong title effect is also very good.
  Fourth, make up a lot of learning methods to learn, but dare to ask questions is the most basic. To dare to ask the teacher with questions of knowledge, ask students, ask parents. Learning, learning, learning should be an open question, do not know how to pretend to harm themselves, ask questions is the performance of active learning, ask questions students are the most capable students, is innovative students. The second is to review the habit of induction. Review is to digest the knowledge, deepen understanding and memory, to go-something. Review is regular, the review must be timely, or more than the human memory limit point to review, will spend several times more, and the effect is not good. Therefore, there must be a planned and uninterrupted review. To review the knowledge, summarize, summarize, grasp the key points should be mastered, comparative understanding of confusing concepts. Each learning a topic, we should spread the knowledge scattered in the chapters of each chapter into lines, supplemented by surface, form a network, the knowledge learned systematized, regularized, structured, so that in order to associate Lenovo smooth, active thinking .
  Fifth, make up the confidence Self-confidence is an indispensable foundation for enterprising psychology. As the saying goes: more confidence, more successful. Children's self-confidence affect their learning activities all the time. Lack of self-confidence, often lack the courage to overcome difficulties. In the event of setbacks and failures, they feel depressed, discouraged and even panicked and completely collapsed. It not only restricts students 'behavior, but also restrains students' thinking, making it hard for students to achieve their desired effect in all aspects of learning. Confidence to rely on a parent to encourage more, more communication, two rely on self-suggestion by students, told myself every day, “I can do it!” Third, the objective evaluation of the habit. Correct treatment of success and setbacks, the correct treatment of the test scores a good habit. If students can objectively evaluate themselves and their classmates in learning activities, it is a manifestation of healthy psychology. Only objectively evaluate themselves, evaluate others, in order to assess self-confidence. When children develop these good habits, learning for him is no longer a difficult task, he will certainly gradually find the feeling of learning, the results will be getting better. Until then, still need to make up classes
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