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Teacher Profile - Ding Xinmin _ Hu Xinglong

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Philosophy, economics and other social science theory articles many times in the national, provincial and municipal published and award-winning, and was compiled by the People's University textbooks.
  Mr. Ding Xinmin
  Happy forgetting poverty
  Vice President of China International Culture Headquarters.
  Chinese folk martial arts sorority vice president.
  Chinese Sinology Research Fellow.
  Chinese philosophy research association.
  Chinese Calligraphers Association.
  Chinese Wushu Association, vice chairman of Hebei Province Wushu Association.
  China Dancer Association, Shijiazhuang Dance Association Vice Chairman.
  China Academy of Management Research Fellow.
  Hebei Wushu Federation president.
  Seven national martial arts.
  Visiting Professor of Hebei Normal University, Visiting Professor of Handan College in Hebei.
  Hebei Medical University Xishan campus party secretary.
  Philosophy, economics and other social science theory articles many times in the national, provincial and municipal published and award-winning, and was compiled by the People's University textbooks.
  Calligraphy works “Lost Road,” won the second prize of the national competition, some of the works for the Confucius Memorial Hall, Xibaipo Memorial Hall, Kaifeng, Luoyang and other places collection.
  Since childhood, he has followed his uncle Wang Dian-Rong's Shaolin Boxing, and later thanks to Sha Guozheng, Wen Jingming, Fu Zhongwen, Chen Xiaowang, Liu Mengdong, Guo Zhenya and Yang Jizhu for gossip, Taiji, Xing Yi, Hu Yan and Shi Zong.
  Good at Shaolin, gossip, tai chi, tiger yan, Italian meaning boxing and guns, sticks, swords, rope dart and so on.
  1984 - 1986 for three consecutive years Shijiazhuang Wushu Championship;
  In 1991, the first Sanda Challenge in Hebei won three gold, one silver and one bronze, ranking first.
  In September 2004 the first World Traditional Wushu Competition, the highest score was boxing, with two gold medals;
  December 2004 National Taijiquan Exchange Conference won two gold medals;
  August 2005 International Tai Chi Competition won two gold medals;
  The World Health Assembly won two gold medals in December 2005;
  July 2006 Beijing International Traditional Wushu Competition won two gold medals;
  August 2006 World Tai Chi Competition and Simplify Tai Chi Chuan 50th Anniversary Competition won four gold medals;
  In October 2006, the second session of the World Traditional Wushu Festival won three gold medals;
  In March 2007, the Hong Kong 10th Anniversary Wushu Competition won three gold medals and was awarded the special performance prize and bonus.
  December 2008 The third session of the World Traditional Wushu Festival won three gold medals;
  In October 2010, the Fourth World Traditional Wushu Festival won two gold medals and one silver medal.
  November 2012 The Fifth World Traditional Wushu Championships won two gold medals.
  2008 Handan International Tai Chi Conference to do “martial arts and the world of today” famous report. Once worshiped the contemporary “Tai Chi” starburst Mr. Wu Wenhan as a teacher, for the martial arts culture to enrich the foundation.
  The research on Wushu theory and culture is very rich, especially for the formation, development, value and social value of Wushu.
  Among them, “Adherence and Development of Chinese Wushu”, “Calligraphy and Martial Arts Culture”, “Rules of Drills to be followed by Taijiquan”, “Attack Techniques of Taijiquan”, “Formation and Development of Wushu Taijiquan” and “ Wulin people ”,“ the social value of tai chi learning ”and“ tai chi and harmonious society ”and many more
  December 2006 Published an article in “Ta Kung Pao,” China Wushu urgently needs crackdown. “
  ”“ Wulin ”Man“ was adopted as a text in 2005 No. 5 ”Wuhun“ magazine's first language.
  December 2006, Hebei TV recorded ”Ding Xinmin Wu sent Tai Chi,“ the feature film broadcast in Hebei TV, so that more people on the earth in Yanzhao Wu martial Tai Chi, understand Ding Xinmin.
  In April 2007, Shandong TV also came a long way and came here to make a personal interview with Wuxin - Ding Xinmin, introducing Ding Xinmin and his martial arts to people on the Qilu land, bringing Ding Xinmin's name and His martial arts are also deeply rooted in this magical land. Weekly Expo group book, penance skills. Take Wu Xixin as his physical body, his book Yang Zhiya, the dance practice of plastic body, Wen Wenxu refuses wisdom, and military and civil and military training. Both German and French bring the almost irrelevant edge disciplines organically together.
  Deeds many times in the province, city television, newspapers, Taihang literature.
  Invited to participate in the fifty-fifth anniversary of the National Day Symposium
  Access to ”Shijiazhuang civilized pacesetter“ title
  In 2002, Ding Xinmin, secretary of our school dance team on behalf of Hebei Province to participate in the national art tune by the former Vice Premier Jiang Chunyun cordial meeting.
  March 2009, Hong Kong Wushu Festival Organizing Committee invited him to participate in the ”Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Day,“ the Seventh Hong Kong Wushu Festival famous lecture activities, and served as deputy director of the Arbitration Commission. At the meeting made a ”martial arts and the world today,“ the academic report, conducted a live demonstration by the participating experts and delegates strongly praised.
  In October 2009, he was invited to participate in the Third National Wu Paotai Taiji Forum held in Beijing, preaching the essay ”The Social Value of Wu Yu Xiang Wu Xue Culture,“ which was praised highly by participants and inscribed the inscription Significant Wu sent deep cultural heritage.
  From June 11 to June 13, 2010, he was invited to attend the Seventh Chinese Folk Martial Arts Conference held in Beijing. During the conference, he performed a wonderful live performance and conducted a lecture entitled ”Sinology and Today's World“ Highly rated by all participants. Zhang Yongming, director of the organizing committee, said with emotion: ”Why did you attend now? You raised the character and status of the conference.“
  After the textbooks of Renmin University were compiled to ”allow the private economy to develop and the exploiting classes to be created“, in July 2010, the ”Chinese of the World“ co-sponsored by the World Chinese Cultural Masters Association, the World Chinese Cultural Studies Center and the ”Inside and Outside the Economy“ Major Academic Achievements Bulletin ”, once again included this treatise, and won the sixth“ world Chinese academic achievement ”special prize, as relevant departments and relevant fields of study of experts and scholars an important theoretical reference.
  Many works published in various journals, newspapers, magazines.
  October 16-21, 2010, invited to participate in the Fourth World Traditional Wushu Festival held in Shiyan, Hubei, Wudang, and the world. He and Ma Yu-lei mentored two people doing well, in the more than 2,200 martial arts from 83 countries and regions in the world beat the pack, won 4 gold 2 silver.
  On October 10, 2010, Handan College in Hebei Province hired him as a visiting professor and was invited to give a lecture on “Wen-wu Taiji Theory” on November 2 and was warmly welcomed and strongly praised by all. August 9, 2011 (Lunar New Year July 10) This is the 60th birthday of Mr. Ding Xinmin. On this day, nine students were fortunate enough to become Mr. Ding Xinmin's disciple. September 17, “Evening Newspaper,” eighth edition published an article “Night practice son lunch, dew Morning exercises” to the full version of the picture in the form of a detailed introduction of Ding Xinmin.
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