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Build Campus Culture and Promote Pluralism - Speech by Zhang Yongdong, President of Irrigation South China Bilingual School in t


Build Campus Culture and Promote Pluralism - Speech by Zhang Yongdong, President of Irrigation South China Bilingual School in t

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Our school was founded in 2004. After ten years of pioneering spirit, we have built a modern, international private school that integrates primary school, junior high school, high school, art training
  Our school was founded in 2004. After ten years of pioneering spirit, we have built a modern, international private school that integrates primary school, junior high school, high school, art training and international exchange, and has become the governing unit of China Private Educators Association , Jiangsu Province, private education association executive director unit.
  The school has three campuses: one is the East Campus (headquarters), there are elementary, junior high school and overseas Chinese art school; the second is the West Campus that is three-star high school - overseas Chinese senior high school; Third is under construction in Nanjing Tangshan campus, intended for international exchange center. Now there are 126 teaching classes, 7199 students, including 36 primary schools, a total of 1728 students in the junior high school 48 classes, a total of 3078 students, 42 high school classes, a total of 2,393 students. There are 507 faculty members including 345 full-time teachers, 63 senior teachers in secondary schools, 153 intermediate-level teachers and 329 undergraduate degree or above. In the past 3 years, more than 1,210 research papers have been published or exchanged by all teachers in the school. More than 800 awards have been given to various teaching competitions organized by educational administrations. Students have won more than 2030 awards in all kinds of competitions across the country. The school has been awarded ”China Top Ten Brands Bilingual School“, ”Top 100 Chinese Private Education Schools“, ”National Private Education Advanced Collective“ and ”Advanced Private Schools in Jiangsu Province“。 Since 2006, it has been awarded as ”Lianyungang Advanced Private schools “won the” City Teaching Management Quality Award “, many times by the county government awards, in March 2012 by the” China Teachers News “as the 2011” National Most Innovative Model School “, in July 2013 was assessed As the ”National Life Education Demonstration Base“, in recent educational work meetings held in counties and cities, our school has successively won the ”2012-2013 Teaching Quality Advanced Award“ issued by the county council and the ”2012-2013 Academic Year High School Teaching Progress Award. “
  Ask the canal that is clear, for the active living water. The rapid development of the school shows that in order for a privately-run school to make great strides, it must have cohesion within itself and its foreign counterparts competitive in order to create a specific spiritual environment and cultural atmosphere, to form its own development features and rely on its own characteristics. Since the beginning of running the school, overseas Chinese have gradually accumulated their ideas, raised their opinions, and gradually established the concept of running a school of ”establishing their own culture and diversifying their development“。 They have endeavored to create a campus culture and promoted the common development of teachers and students. Our main approach is:
  First, the spiritual culture as a strong engine of innovation and development
  Our school spirit and culture are mainly reflected in the school badge, a training three winds and overseas Chinese spirit, the responsibility of cultural connotation.
  The school badge of our school is composed of two earths with two portrait ears and two half-pockets embodying five portraits. It embodies the school goal of ”cultivating high-quality Chinese people going to the world“ and makes efforts to build the school into a school with ”outstanding quality, distinctive features and rich connotation , Internationally renowned “high quality boutique school, the teacher into a” love Boya, learning erudite, good thinking and guidance, innovation and excellence, “the high-quality teacher, the students develop into a” virtues of both, liberal arts and science, learning record Both can, both physical and mental health “high-level talent.
  In the process of running a school, we fully implemented the management measures of ”leading the goal, promoting the system, pragmatic and supervisory“ and gradually formed the school motto of ”virtue, wisdom, inspirational“ and ”motto, benediction, seeking and progress“ , The school spirit of ”fraternity, learning, guidance and innovation“ and the spirit of ”diligence, good questioning, good thinking and enterprising“ as well as the spirit of overseas Chinese that are ”invincible, realistic and pragmatic, efficient and top-notch“ .
  In order to achieve the set goals, our school vigorously build the mainstream culture of the campus with ”responsibility“ as the core. Among all the teachers and students in the school, we form a cadre of directors who are responsible for establishing a sense of responsibility, have the ability to do competent work, implement responsible behaviors, and establish a responsibility system , Accumulate a thick atmosphere of culmination of responsibility achievements, and make it form a strong spiritual engine to promote the development of the school. The specific approach is: First, to create a responsibility for the connotation of the student culture, focus on cultivating learning, living and social responsibility, so that students in schools, families and society will be responsible for, responsible for becoming a civilized student with a strong sense of responsibility. The second is to create a teacher culture of responsibility at the core, and strive to each teacher said the person in charge, do the person in charge, when the person in charge.
  Second, the institutional culture as the fundamental guarantee for innovation and development
  In a few years of running school practice, under the guidance of the spirit of overseas Chinese, strive to create harmony with the United States system culture.
  First, the United States and school management. We constructed and implemented the ”1,2,3,4,5 Overseas Project“。 ”1“ is around a center: comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching; ”2“ is to pay close attention to two key: the ranks of cadres and teachers; ”3“ is to carry out three education: daily behavior norms to develop education, self-confidence education, Thanksgiving education; ”4“ is the implementation of the four tasks of classroom teaching: to cultivate students' interest in learning, stimulate students' desire to learn as the primary task of classroom teaching, to cultivate students' good learning quality, internal drive of student learning As the key task of classroom teaching, regard the cultivation of ”three basics“ of students as an important task in classroom teaching, regard the study of the church as the fundamental task of laying the foundation for the students' lifelong learning as classroom teaching; ”5“ is to promote five stresses: learning, speaking service, speaking dedication, speaking cooperation, speaking of taste.
  The second is the United States and Germany. Mainly through the following series of activities to achieve: adult ritual education, patriotism education, major festival series of education; the use of elective courses, community activities and students' self-management, the new semester oath, college entrance examination hundred days oath, teachers and students join the party oath , So that students ambitious, broaden their horizons and promote the development of individual personality.
  Three is the United States puzzle, build ecological classroom. In the process of building ecological classrooms, overseas Chinese teachers are committed to carrying out the four tasks of teaching work: to let students love learning, let students study hard, and let students Lexicology, so that students will learn; focus on developing students' ”four abilities“: conscious learning, continuous learning, cooperative learning, habits develop.
  Fourth, the United States and service, truly ”service education, education management, environmental education.“ Schools continue to strengthen logistics management efforts to improve service levels, and strive to create a safe and thoughtful campus warm and warm. Student dormitory apartment fully enclosed management, with a full-time life teacher management services around the clock; to establish dormitory security system, adhere to the night duty, inspection, 24-hour security guards. Formulate the canteen health system and procurement acceptance system to ensure food hygiene and safety; students get out of school or leave school, shuttle bus, safe and thoughtful.
  Third, the material and cultural as an innovative carrier of image development
  In the layout of the East Campus (Headquarters), we should follow the principles of science, education and artistry to achieve a relatively high starting point, generous planning, campus teaching, sports and living areas. The experimental buildings, teaching buildings, library buildings, Restaurants, dormitories and other major buildings were basically symmetrical layout. Campus design respect for nature, ingenious layout, greening to achieve the level and coordination, teaching facilities and green facilities, woody plants and herbs combined to show a unique cultural atmosphere and taste.
  Schools through the windows, radio, electronic screen and school newspapers and newspapers above the county level, television and other media, a planned publicity colorful campus life, played a drum force, tree righteousness, an increase of the school's reputation.
  West Campus is the overseas Chinese high school, campus culture highlighting the systematic, school-based and thematic, named after the Chinese classic and motto as the basis, with Chong, Chi, Jun as the thread runs through them, such as: Erzhi Square , Chee Hing Square); Seven Chong Road (Chong Wah Road, Chong Road, Chongren Road, Chongyi Road, Chongli Road, Chongzhi Road, Chongxin Road) Building, Chi Chi House, Chi Chi House, Ya Chi House, Chi Chi House, Po Chi House); Jiunun Park (Zhijun Park, Huijun Park, Manjun Park, Yijun Park, Jun Park, Xin Jun Park, Ze Jun Park)。
  It is worth mentioning that the origins of Manjun Park, April 1, 2013, the former chairman of the Friends of the United States, former Vice Minister of Education, the United States Department of Labor West, Miss Zhang Manjun, the United States of America Hollywood famous film director, Academy Award and Mr. Richard Anderson, winner of the television Emmy Award, visited Guannan Overseas Chinese Bilingual School, Teng Wen, Vice Mayor of Lianyungang, and Feng Changhu, Party Secretary of the County Bureau of Education attended the ceremony. The guests were pleased to visit the new campus and hold a tour of the new campus The first green garden in the building was planted with a sweet-scented osmanthus tree symbolizing the high moral character and demeanor of overseas Chinese students.
  In the layout of the interior of the building, special emphasis on scientific, educational, artistic, systematic, thematic and school-based nature.
  There are about 76 meters of four corridors between the two teaching buildings and the experimental building. We named it ”Four Corridors“。 In the prominent position of the hall, there are ”Four Corridor Briefs“ ”Famous Gallery“, the main contents are: map of China, code of secondary school students, norms of daily behavior of secondary school students, eight honors and eight disgraces, management practices of primary and secondary schools in the province, six ideal classrooms, six elements of good class, Good class features, charm of the classroom ten elements and the school's school song, school badge, a training three definitions of wind; second floor of the ”teacher Gallery“, hanging my school won the award at the municipal level or above and in the semester of education and teaching results were significant With photos of teachers, and briefs on its teaching philosophy and the message to students; three for the ”famous Gallery“, my school semester to post a good picture of student photos, deeds, goals, sentiment and so on; four for ”Famous Gallery“, showing the teachers and students in the festival this year's award-winning calligraphy and painting works.
  We named the corridor of Xuezhi House and Zhili House two teaching buildings as ”Wisdom Gallery“ in a prominent position in the hall with the introduction of ”Wisdom Gallery“ because the atmosphere in the classrooms and corridors are all built around ”wisdom “This theme to do, teaching and learning, low-level is the growth of knowledge, high-level is the wisdom of life.
  The cultural atmosphere of the intelligent building is divided into two levels: indoor and corridor: the interior is arranged according to its function and features. For example, the computer room and each laboratory have different layouts that meet the requirements. The corridor: the first floor is a politician Portraits and famous quotes on the second floor, the portraits and famous quotes of the writers on the third floor, the portraits and famous quotations of the fourth floor on the fourth floor, and a summary of the ”Four Cultures“ made by the Discovery Hall Corridor.
  Chi Chi House is a bookstore, a total of three layers, three corridors called ”San Mei Gallery“, the decoration is a layer of ancient and modern elegance of the poem, the second floor of the ancient and modern selected beautiful words, three ancient and modern elegance The song as a specific content.
  穑 Zhi Lou is a restaurant, focusing on its cultural content of ”civilization, gratitude, treasure,“ the six-character selection.
  Ya-chi House and Bo-Chi Department of student apartments to move the picture of China's figures and deeds, awards and other content for the layout.
  In addition, seven Chong Road and Nine Jun Park are equipped with signs or park cards, including signs below the road name are related to the classic text, such as Chongzhi street signs under the ”wisdom: knowledge of people wise, self-knowledge Ming out; winner force , Self-reliance .-- “moral” “and so on; garden card also has a warm reminder of flowers and trees. In front of the teaching building in the green, but also built in recent years admitted to the university students picture and insights of the list.
  The school also through the windows, radio, campus electronic screen and the ”Maple Leaf“, ”My education story“ (teachers themselves experienced educational stories, the school organization compiled into a book), as well as above the county and city newspapers, television, websites and other culture The media has delivered a rich and colorful information on campus life in a planned and step-by-step manner and has really played a role of encouraging the drums and upright trees. It has made its due contribution to the increase in the school's reputation.
  In short, the campus of a scene of a blind alley, grass and trees are the concept of educating people, reflecting every wall to speak, so that each of the attractions of the educating function, campus culture infiltrated into the learning of teachers and students, work Attitude and emotion, continue to play a positive and positive energy.
  Looking back nearly 10 years of school history, overseas Chinese bilingual schools from scratch, from weak to strong, from less than a thousand people to the present prosperity of more than 7000 people, from the little-known primary school to the successful promotion of the province's three-star high school , And even become ”China's top ten brand bilingual schools,“ thanks to the establishment of forward-looking concept of running a school and build school culture. In the future, we will continue to study thoroughly the spirit of ”Notice of the Ministry of Education on Vigorous Strengthening of Primary and Secondary School Campus Culture“, scientific positioning, scientific management and scientific operation so as to make our university's culture more school-based, more distinctive and more systematic Strongly promote the school's innovation and development, sustainable development, quickly into the top schools of the square.
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