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Jiangsu Province, Wang Jun, a super teacher

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Wang Jun, Jiangsu Province, the Chinese language teacher, Jiangsu Province, the first professor-level senior teachers, the first president of the nation's chief innovation, Nanjing City, the first win
  Practical Thoughts on the Implementation of New Curriculum Based on Primary and Middle Schools
  Wang Jun, Jiangsu Province, the Chinese language teacher, Jiangsu Province, the first professor-level senior teachers, the first president of the nation's chief innovation, Nanjing City, the first winner of the Tao Xing, Nanjing City, principals, Jiangsu Province, Teacher education college master tutor, Nanjing Xiaozhuang Teachers College part-time professor, Jiangsu Provincial Institute of education private education board of directors.
  Since 2005, President Wang Jun has been devoted to the new curriculum reform with great passion. From the overall planning of the implementation of the new curriculum to the formulation of specific implementation plans, we are personally responsible for researching, writing materials, training teachers and conducting face-to-face guidance on specific reform work. Usually to the classroom lectures, personally review all teachers teach the reform summary and essay, explain the principle of independent learning, write autobiographical writing process design, construction management framework. On the curriculum reform problems encountered with everyone to explore solutions, held a summary seminar. Personally as the leader of the curriculum reform and implementation team leader. Summed up the design of the ”Nanjing City, the thirteenth high school new curriculum implementation plan“, ”Jinling High School Hexi campus twelve years of consistent system of curriculum implementation plan“, guiding the design of the ”career planning education curriculum base“ to guide the majority of teachers and students design compilation of ” Academic reading “,” a large classroom textbook “,” autonomous textbook “and the collection of learning experience of the” Golden Needle “, and further promote and guide the teaching of school-based integration, the development of” 12 years career planning education development program “ . And summarize the experience in a timely manner, writing related papers, respectively, in the ”China Education Newspaper“ ”Jiangsu Education Research“ ”Jiangsu Education“ ”Basic Education“ ”Education Theory and Practice“ and other newspapers and magazines published articles, a number of media coverage of the new curriculum reform Information and achievements Results of the research ”The new curriculum school-based planning and implementation“ in October 2010 by the Nanjing Basic Education Teaching Outstanding Achievement Award, in March 2013 by Jiangsu province elementary education teaching outstanding achievement special award, the achievement is reported to basic education country Level teaching achievement award, the following is part of the outcome of the content.
  The practice of curriculum reform found that the main problems in current curriculum planning and implementation are the disorder and fragmentation of the new curriculum planning, the lack of continuity in the implementation of the new curriculum in the three primary, middle and high schools, the lack of cohesion in the curriculum, Curricula work in isolation, the practice of integrated practice disorder, seriously affected the educational effectiveness. In order to solve the problems of fragmentation and fault in current primary and secondary school curriculums, we start with four aspects: First, we set a clear target of school training and find the direction and basis for the implementation of the new curriculum in primary and secondary schools. The training of qualified personnel into five categories, to identify the five types of talent commonality and personality differences, to provide a basis for the development and implementation of the new curriculum. The second is to formulate the outline of the career planning education development and establish the main line for the whole new curriculum. The school set up a career planning center, prepared the ”career planning education development outline“ three chapter fifteen. Third, through the integration of teaching materials, teaching materials to achieve school-based, to establish suitable for the general quality of personnel and personalized development of school-based curriculum system for the new curriculum as a whole to provide a carrier. Fourth, we should change the way of education and teaching management to provide guarantee for the entire new curriculum. From four aspects of ”goal orientation → career main line → curriculum system → transformation mechanism“, we construct the overall program of school-based implementation of the ”12-year consistent system“ new curriculum in Hexi University of Jinling High School, and solve the overall implementation of the new curriculum in primary and secondary schools Through problem.
  1, a clear positioning of the school training objectives for the implementation of new basic education curriculum to determine the overall direction and basis.
  In the 12 years of basic education, it is the most crucial period for the growth of people's life. In this period, it is undoubtedly the direction and soul of the implementation of the new curriculum of the school in terms of how to train people and how to train them. Jinling High School Hexi Branch put forward the goal of building a modern school that cultivates social talents at the forefront of the times. Among them, ”social talents“ are the target of school personnel training, which means cultivating the future society to make outstanding contributions Innovative top-notch talent, pilot talent. At the same time, talent can be broadly divided into five categories: ”social activity, management service personnel, engineering and technical personnel, literary and artistic talent, and scientific research talent“, and from the aspects of ”morality, will, concept, habit, skill, talent and knowledge“ Put forward the five types of talent common literacy and their individual qualities. The purpose of classification is to provide a basis for children to choose their direction of growth and plan their life goals. The so-called common literacy is the basic requirement that all five kinds of talented people must have, which provides a reliable basis for school-based curriculum designed and developed by compulsory classes. The so-called personality literacy is based on the five different characteristics of different types of personnel, respectively, put forward their characteristics of the growth of personality characteristics, such as engineering and technical personnel and service personnel characteristics are obvious differences and differences, the former good at brains, hands-on, With tools, the latter is good at brains, moving mouth, moving legs. Each child can control the different characteristics of five types of talent requirements, according to their own personality and hobbies, choose their own direction of development, which is suitable for schools to develop individual personality development to meet the needs of different talents in the future personalized elective school-based Courses provided the basis.
  2. Development of career planning education development framework for the implementation of new basic education curriculum to determine the overall through.
  Someone of the Ministry of Education conducted a survey and found that among the seniors, 75% of the students were ”totally unidentified“ in the third year of college entrance examination, nearly 82% did not understand the third grade students at all, and no statistics were available in primary schools. 70% of college students are not satisfied with their major, professional ”quit“, ”diverted“, repeated the phenomenon of dropping out of school. Among undergraduates, there is no target of up to 50% for post-graduation development. Students generally do not understand the community, do not understand the times, do not understand the environment, do not understand myself, it is no exaggeration to say that children learn in a confused, blind growth, the lack of a clear direction of learning, the correct motivation, strong Motivation, the objective is to strengthen the study is to test, in order to score, in order to go to college wrong sense. Life needs planning, life planning, life planning. Let the students start to know what they are like → How to go to a career → What kind of ”foundation“ is needed in a career? → How to get these excellent ”foundation“ that matches the future career. As the cradle of the career planning and development of the school, career growth planning should of course be the main line of implementation and development of the new basic education curriculum.
  To this end, we have set up a special career planning curriculum development office, compiling the Jinling High School Hexi twelve years consistent system of ”career planning education development outline“, a total of three chapters fifteen. Chapter One: Career Development Planning Education Overview. Section I: career development planning education status quo, Section II: Career Development Planning Education Definition, Section III: career development planning education basic understanding, Section IV: career development planning education curriculum design basic concepts, Section V : Career development planning education phase of the curriculum, Section VI: career development planning education curriculum objectives and requirements, Section VII: career development planning education curriculum construction and implementation. Chapter II: career development planning education segmentation capabilities. Section I: Sectional Capability Indicators, Section II: Stage Capability Training Content and Methods, Section III: Proposals for Incubating Career Development Education in Learning Life, Section IV: Integration into the Seven Learning Fields Correspondence Table, Section V Section: Description of Key Concepts Chapter III ”career development planning education“ curriculum design. Section I: ”career development planning education“ one of the curriculum design, Section II: ”career development planning education curriculum design table two, Section III:“ career development planning education curriculum design table three, third Section: ”career development planning education“ curriculum design summary (two, three)。 At the school level, a Career Planning Education Center was set up. The principal is the director. In charge of the principal, the deputy director is responsible for top-level career planning and education design, planning and decision-making in the whole school. The department, the Youth League, the Young Pioneers, the Psychological Room, the Student Union Unified form ”career planning education office“ is responsible for the implementation of the plan and requirements. The school is also building a ”career planning curriculum base“, according to the regulations in March this year, formally submitted to the provinces, municipalities, ”career planning course base“ written report.
  3, to build a new school-based school-based system for the basic education to implement the new curriculum as a whole through to provide a carrier.
  The training goal depends on the curriculum to achieve, life planning relies on the curriculum to implement, therefore, we set out from the training goal, according to the main line of the student life planning, established the new curriculum system with the discipline curriculum as the core. Specific practices: (1) teaching material school-based. From the teaching practice, we deeply feel that teaching materials must be school-based: First, many places from primary school to high school teaching materials do not converge. Second, the textbooks have different versions and different systems. The versions of textbooks used by schools, regions and sections are different, bringing about conflicts and conflicts among the systems and affecting the teaching effect. Third, different versions of the textbooks have their own advantages and disadvantages, need to learn from each other to form a better school-based textbooks. Fourth, regardless of the kind of teaching material, may not be entirely suitable for a particular region, a school teaching actual needs. In view of this, according to the school training objectives, career planning requirements and the actual needs of teaching, give the power of the whole school, primary school, middle school, high school all subject materials to fully integrate the formation of a suitable school teaching needs of school-based teaching materials. (2) Based on the train of thought of school training and career planning, we have integrated various resources both inside and outside the school and developed more than 500 school-based compulsory courses that are suitable for the general literacy training of the five major categories of talents. We have developed more than 1,200 school-based elective courses to meet the individual needs of students. We have developed more than 1,200 school-based elective courses, and more than 1,000 specialized research teams. Each student can study and live according to his own development goals ,development of. Basically formed to meet the actual student-based curriculum system.
  4, change education, teaching, management methods for the implementation of new basic education curriculum to provide overall protection.
  In order to meet the needs of children's development of ”autonomy, selectivity, pluralism and individuality“, we have gradually transformed the modes of education, teaching and management. First, education has been transformed from a one-size-fits-all approach and a presumptuous teaching into a system suitable for the independent development of students and students Personality characteristics, that is, ”appropriate education“ up the way, the second is from instruction to education, ”self-learning“ approach up, and third, from control to control the ”self-selection, self-discipline development“ incentives up. The school creatively guarantees the implementation of the new curriculum through benchmarking, contractual education, self-selective examinations and online course selection.
  Jinling High School Hexi Branch from the ”target-oriented → career main line → curriculum system → transformation mechanism“ from four aspects, the construction of ”twelve years consistent“ curriculum-based implementation of the overall plan.
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