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Hubei: infiltration of traditional culture so that the cultural self-confidence pay-fire

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Read classical Chinese learning to enhance understanding of traditional culture, learn to sing the famous section of the quintessence of quintessence of national essence, take measures to
  Read classical Chinese learning to enhance understanding of traditional culture, learn to sing the famous section of the quintessence of quintessence of national essence, take measures to make simultaneously Wuhan wharf to reproduce Shengjing …… Hubei Province in recent years to promote the ”traditional culture into the campus“ ”opera into the campus“ and so on Activities, to the younger generation focused on the charm of traditional culture, enhance their ”cultural self-confidence.“
  Let the essence of traditional culture pass away
  Since September 2015, Wuhan formally enrolled ”classic reciting, excellent traditional culture into the campus“ into the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. Primary and secondary schools each day should have no less than 20 minutes of classical recitation time. ”Drama into the campus“ activities also started at the same time in organizing students into the theater to watch Chu drama, Han drama, Peking Opera, the school also invited professional actors to teach opera section, so that students feel the beauty of opera.
  Not only do many ”post-10“ children become fans of traditional culture and drama, but more and more post-90s students are also joining. In mid-January of this year, Wuhan University of Technology just concluded the first round of electives, a can only accommodate 35 art experience classroom, attracting nearly 300 ”line“ registration.
  In this art classroom entitled ”Peking Opera Aria and Figure,“ the artist at Peking Opera in Hubei Province, with more than 30 elective students, rehearses the final performance.
  ”A semester 11 classes, each class two and a half hours, the equivalent of 3 sessions of the church, the students are very hard.“ Li Lanping said that from the beginning that ”fun“ to now ”starting Fan“, the students One day not uncomfortable training.
  Wuhan Polytechnic University constantly optimizes art education courses and provides science and engineering students with more than 20 traditional culture courses such as ”Opera Appreciation“ and ”Art Aesthetics“, with more than 8,000 students taking elective courses each year.
  This is just a microcosm of Hubei's ”opera into the campus“ activities. A few years ago, this activity was rolled out in various schools.
  Wuhan, Ezhou, Xiaogan editor of primary and secondary school drama general reading, free distribution to all primary and secondary schools to use; Yichang City Opera into the work of the campus to expand to kindergarten; Xiangyang to carry out drama experience summer camp; Folk drama community, conducted 118 performances … …
  Let Wuhan Opera ”Grand Pier“ style reproduction vitality
  In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Hankou used to be the ”big wharf“ in the same name as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.
  In recent years, Hubei Province has made great efforts in prospering drama production, cultivating opera talents and the theater construction, and successively held various important activities such as the China Arts Festival, the Chinese Peking Opera Festival and the National South Opera for Local Opera. Big wharf. ”
  In the autumn of 2017, 15 local opera genres, 14 Plum Blossom artists and nearly 2000 literary and art workers from all over the country gathered in Hubei to concentrate on exchanging ideas and demonstrating the achievements of Chinese opera art.
  At the Third Hubei Local Opera Arts Festival, which was concluded earlier this year, Jingzhou Flower Drum Opera, entitled “Return of the Countryside by Moon,” serves as a modern opera for “making a difference” and takes the title of “township” as an example to express the rural spirit and urban civilization The conflict also reflects the “fight” between the traditional drama and the contemporary era.
  Hubei attaches great importance to the flourishing development of traditional opera, and has issued a series of documents in recent years to support the revitalization of Wuhan opera.
  In 2017, funds directly used for the development of traditional opera in Hubei Province and Wuhan City exceeded 130 million yuan. Since 2018, the provincial finance department has arranged for the annual special fund of 10 million yuan to revitalize the Wuhan Grand Opera. Wuhan regularly organizes series of activities such as drama art discussion and art criticism to promote Chinese opera scripts, artistic heritage and development.
  In order to create a drama culture highland where national drama troupe gather and drama fans gather together, Hubei will speed up the construction of “National Opera Performance Exchange Center” and Tan Xinpei Theater is under study. Hubei Theater, Huanghe Opera House and Yongfang Ancient Theater Repair and Reconstruction Project It will also be started in 2018.
  Let “cultural self-confidence” rain infiltrated the heart of the rain
  From 8,000 activities in 2016 to 11,289 activities in 2017, more than 8,000 schools in Hubei province are gradually breaking the “single delivery” of “entering the campus” to achieve “two-way flow” between schools and art troupes. Long-term cooperation model.
  Changchun Primary School Fourth grade students on behalf of the Sunshine Sunshine opera only half a year's time, has been able to quite vividly remonstrated the Monkey King interpretation of the model. He said that playing the Monkey King is his own choice. His studies and drama have broadened his horizons and made him feel “unforgettable.”
  Despite the heavy workload of professional courses, Nan Xue, a student at the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering at Wuhan University of Technology, insisted on taking electives in opera and art classes. She said: “In the past, painting was limited to the expression of brushwork. Nowadays, when I learn the works, I gradually realize the essence of traditional culture and become more beautiful and confident.
  Li Lanping said that the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and training of audiences are of paramount importance. She led the science and engineering candidates in the future to become at least ”senior“ young audience, led people around the theater, love drama, which is also the responsibility of Beijing opera artists.
  Famous artist Peihuo Peihu and director of Hubei Peking Opera Theater Zhu Shihui said that over a decade, the Peking Opera Theater in Hubei Province invited hundreds of famous artists to perform arts. The actors were invited to Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai to study. Wan Xiaohui and a number of young talents, forming 18 genre art schools, training of four age groups talent echelon. ”A piece of white paper into the school, looking forward to be pregnant with technology out of school.“ The famous Huangmei opera artist, director of Hubei Opera Art Theater Yang Jun said that in the past two years, she is most focused on their co-operation with the Hubei Vocational College of the Arts Chu drama, Han Opera and Huangmei three targeted classes, 160 primary and secondary students.
  ”China has a long tradition of history and culture. The young people should not be unfamiliar with it or even exclude it. They should feel great and profound in the process of inheriting a good culture and feel the Chinese style under a new era.“ Zhu Shihui said.
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