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Management team

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  Zhu Shan Li Jiangsu Suqian people. Peking University Doctor of Economics, a famous professor, doctoral tutor, Guanghua School of Management vice president, deputy director of the management science center. 1986-1987 Visiting scholar at New York State University (Albany); 1996-1997 Visiting professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Urbana Champaign)。
  Xu Guiquan, male, from Jiangsu Huai'an, was born in December 1955. He graduated from Nanjing Normal University in 1983 with a bachelor's degree in political education. He was promoted to professor in 2000 and is currently the director of the Zhou Enlai Center for Spiritual and Adolescent Education in Huaiyin Teachers College. Director of the Center for Teaching and Research in Theory of Marxism, Chief Leader in Marxism Theory, Standing Member of the Research Society of Chinese Philosophy of Value, Executive Director of Jiangsu Provincial Ethics Association, Executive Director of Jiangsu Provincial Political Science Society, Member of the Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Huaian City, Philosophy Institute, Huai'an Municipal Government and Social Stability Risk Assessment Center, Huai'an City, with outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged experts, Huai'an City, ”Ten Hundred Thousands,“ the first level of personnel training objects, Nanjing Normal University, Suzhou University, Ningxia University Master tutor.
  Mainly engaged in the study of value philosophy, cultural sociology and values, published 4 academic monographs, edited 2 textbooks, a national conference proceedings 1, in the ”Marxist Studies“, ”Marxist theory and reality“, ”Nanjing He has published more than 90 academic papers, including a number of articles published by National Taiwan Normal University, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theory Studies, Jianghai Academic Journal, and China Youth Studies. Many of them have been published by People's University as “Ethics”, “Philosophical Principles” and “ Xinhua Digest ”,“ College Liberal Arts Academic Abstracts ”photocopies and excerpts, many times by the Huai'an City Philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement first and second prize, the Department of Huai'an City, one of the first philosophy of social science outstanding worker; undertake Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Fund 1 project, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education Project 6, Jiangsu Province Department of Education major project 1, to participate in the National Social Science Fund Project 1, the value of philosophy and social values ??changes in the study of the academic community have a certain impact.
  Bao Xiang, a senior educator and cultural scholar, currently serves as Governor of Eredi International School. Once served as provincial key middle school principals and private school principals for 20 years, is the national outstanding principals, education adviser in western China, China Education Conference Vice President, Secretary General of the World Federation of Schools. With the concept of “natural growth education”, he has visited 38 European and American countries and visited more than 300 schools. Author of “Beauty Encounter - Education Enlightenment of Chinese Culture”, “The Education Is Beautiful”, “Childhood Is Nature”, “Natural Growth Education - Bao Xiang Taoist Eight Pieces” and other 10 books. Advocated that “every child is a precious existence - education should be natural growth.” He founded “Family Education Octopus (Children's Growing Eight),” which is suitable for family education in China. He has taught more than 2600 episodes of Huiji millions of families in the capital cities of Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Qingdao.
  Cheng Zhen Li Jiangsu Suqian people. Jiangsu Province, a senior teacher, senior (professor level) teacher, Jiangsu Normal University adjunct professor, master of education tutor, Jiangsu people educators training target team core members, Jiangsu language super-class teacher academic union secretary-general, the United Kingdom, South Korea education scholar , With the wisdom of Chinese education in “The Analects of Confucius”, “language teaching by super-class teachers”, “education at one eye” and so on.
  Zhao Xiaojuan Jiangsu Suqian people. He is currently the vice president of Huaibei Middle School in Jiangsu Province, the national outstanding teacher, the first batch of middle school senior teachers (professor level) in Jiangsu Province, the Jiangsu provincial middle school English super teacher, the first batch of Jiangsu Province people educators training project, advanced education workers in Jiangsu Province, Suqian City “135” project the first level of training objects. Jiangsu Province Eleventh National People's Congress. July 2001, was selected by the National Ministry of Education to study training at the University of London, UK.
  Gao Aimei English super teacher, Nanjing Normal University English Master of Education, Jiangsu Province, “333 Project” high-level personnel training object, Suqian City, middle-aged expert “135 Project” the first level of training objects. Repeatedly by the State Ministry of Education, respectively, the Department of Basic Education, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education sent to the United States Ohio State University, Kent State University, Queensland University of Technology Australia study; repeated entrance examination marking, and have been rated as outstanding scroller. Has long been engaged in teaching and management, has presided over the three national issues, including “Tao Xingzhi educational thinking and subjectivity education” won the first prize of outstanding achievements, five provincial-level topics “English teaching students in the main study Research ”,“ Improving English Classroom Teaching and Cultivating Communicative Competence ”and so on were all identified by the expert group and won the outstanding subject of national education and research. Published 36 monographs and papers, of which 22 were the first author. Successively being rated as “key teachers in Jiangsu Province”, “Suqian outstanding teacher”, “outstanding scoring college entrance examination”, “national education science national excellent host.”
  Liu Zengxi Male, born in 1962, a high school teacher, bachelor's degree in Chinese language and literature, senior high school language subject leader. Served as a northern Jiangsu school director, director of the department, vice president of business and other staff. He joined Jiangsu Jianghe Education Group in 2007 and became a director of the Group. From 2008 to 2013, he was the headmaster of Suyu Middle School of Zhumadian City, Henan Province under the “River Education Group”, and was named the “Top Ten School Principals” in Zhumadian during his tenure of office. In 2014, “River Education Group,” Luoyang, “Peking University Affiliated Mengjin Yucai Experimental School,” president, a number of teaching papers and management papers published in the national, provincial and municipal education and teaching core journals, its management philosophy is: conservation habits, so that teachers Health and happiness grow.
  Xu Meng graduated from Jiangnan University math department. The incumbent Dengzhou Zhiyuan Experimental School chairman and president. Former vice president of Jiangsu Province star high school; vice president of Jiangsu Province Education Group; Jiangsu Province, Sihong County CPPCC members. From the teaching of the past two decades, has won: advanced worker of private education in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province municipal leaders, leader of private education in Henan Province, Dengzhou City, private education research association vice president, Dengzhou private education Advanced workers and many other honorary titles. 25 years of experience in education, and more than 15 years of experience in private education. Since the founding of Zhiyuan Experimental School in Dengzhou in 2010, he and his team have been adhering to the philosophy of “rooted in the city, serving Dengzhou students and practicing education.” He wholeheartedly hopes to make a hundred hot points in Dengzhou's education Yao Yao points light!
Management team