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Xingzhi school

Xingzhi school

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  Xingzhi International School covers early childhood education, elementary school education, junior high school education and high school education. It is an international, group-based, demonstration-based and boarding-oriented large-scale private school.
  Planning and Construction Our school is a major livelihood project invested by 2017 in Qichun County Committee and Government by Jiangsu Wen Shao Education Group. The project covers an area of ??174.8 mu with a building area of ??nearly 100,000 m2 and a total investment of 150 million Yuan. After the class can be opened 150, to accommodate more than 6,000 students. The school is divided into two phases of construction, 2017-2018 to complete a project, is scheduled to September 2018 start. We take the “Hubei Provincial Primary and Secondary School” green ecological campus “to create a standard” for the construction parameters, the campus rockery fountain, bridge water, pavilions corridors, Qujingtouyou, “green campus”, “ecological garden” will become Hunchun School's shiny business card.
  Location advantage Hunchun Health Industry Promotion Center of China's central government-owned China Merchants Group and Hunchun Xingzhi International School of Jiangsu Wen Shao Education Group stand side by side on the north and south sides of Dongbian Avenue, with Dongdaemun of Hunchun Hexi New Area, ! This hot spot will be built landmark architecture, benchmarking investment, international projects, the fairy tale world! Livable, should study, should start, should grow!
  The concept of running a school practicing the essence of the essence of the Su school education teaching, carry forward the Tao Xingzhi education and teaching ideas and innovation of Mr. Cai Linsen's “Ocean Wing” theory and practical experience. Schools adhere to the “pay attention to social benefits, based on the long-term development and promote the balance of quality, service Hunchun people” school thinking, to Sino-foreign cooperation and development, a brand of international characteristics, the quality of education to survive, with exquisite management as a strategy and vigorously promote Quality education, pay close attention to classroom teaching reform, to train each student to have an international perspective, the full development of national feelings of high-quality personnel.
  【Management】 closed management, open education. Develop and implement the following mechanisms: Efficient and rigorous management system, flexible and fair competition mechanism, qualitative and quantitative scientifically feasible assessment mechanism, advanced service mechanism of advanced refinement process, resonance between students and schools, family and school co-education , The educational system of symbiosis between society and school, the humanistic mechanism of beautification and beautification of the afforestation and beautification, and the elaborate and thick teaching mechanism of Simplicity and Smartness.
  [Faculty] hired schools in Jiangsu paid Jiangsu education experts, principals, teachers team, selected by the government of Qichun 150 selected cadres in public key teachers, as well as open recruitment of citizens from the country to do excellent teachers, the three brigade The Trinity joined forces to jointly create a new highland for Hunchun education: a new highland for education, a new highland on the campus, a new highland for mechanism innovation and a new highland for investment.
  【Hardware Facilities】 Construction projects include teaching building, laboratory building, complex building, multi-purpose lecture hall, apartment dormitory, teacher-student compound restaurant, 400-meter large standard plastic playground and so on. The school also has modern multimedia classrooms, libraries, language centers, arts centers, science and technology centers, sports centers and other hardware facilities, and to meet the shopping, bathing, medical, psychological counseling and other facilities and equipment. Campus, classrooms, restaurants and dormitories to install electronic monitoring, education and teaching, student management to achieve the entire process of coverage, seamless docking. In addition, the student apartment hotel-style suite design, with air conditioning, washing machine, telephone and so on. Equipped with electronic reading room, Z + Z network laboratory and computer control center, classrooms and activity rooms to install interactive touch-one machine, build advanced network teaching environment, teaching resources and integrated integrated management information system, campus network Broadband to home, online teaching and research resources, campus information technology living in the country's advanced level.
  【Pursuit of Vision】 Established an international vision of the school, nurturing the national feelings of the pillars.
  Through the sharing of Peking University Tsinghua quality education resources, the school endeavors to mold the school into a student through the active introduction of advanced educational concepts and concepts of running schools and through exchanges and cooperation among countries such as China, the United States, Happiness, parental satisfaction, social praise of the gold brand, large-scale, high grade, high quality elite schools to ensure that the overall level of the school is in Hunchun Huanggang leading position to give full play to the leading role of demonstration and make an important contribution to the overall improvement of city and county school level . The staff and teachers of the whole bank will make unremitting efforts to strive for the strategic goal of “one year people's attention, three years of top-notch Hunchun, five years of Huanggang first-class, seven years of Hubei leading and ten years of national reputation”。
Xingzhi school